At Not Your Mother's Estate Sale, we offer a modern approach to a traditional estate sale. 

Not Your Mother’s Estate Sale is a locally owned and operated online estate sale company. We work closely with you to to identify your valuables and handle your estate sale for you from start to finish.

We begin by professionally photographing and describing each item. Your sale is then posted to our website where buyers can bid on your items for one week. At the end of your sale we conduct a limited time pick up and items are removed from your estate in a single afternoon. 

At Not Your Mother’s Estate Sale our goal is to sell all of your items. Each sale is advertised both locally and nationally to ensure maximum exposure of your items.

We make purchasing items easy for bidders by allowing various payment options including credit cards, cash and PayPal. 

Why choose Not Your Mother's Estate Sale?

  • Each sale is viewed by thousands of registered bidders
  • We advertise your sale for free locally and nationally
  • Our online estate sales are not affected by the weather
  • Auction style bidding results in higher market value for your items
  • Your address remain confidential until the close of the sale
  • Buyers pick up items at a designated time on a single afternoon at the end of the sale
  • We do not reduce prices to move items 

Additional Services

Not Your Mother’s Estate Sale can also assist with a variety of tasks including arranging a moving company, shipping items to family members and complete home clean outs.  

Nonprofit Groups 

Not Your Mother’s Estate Sale is not only for homeowners. We are a great way for nonprofit groups to do fundraising. Members of the nonprofit donate their items which are then auctioned through our website. The income from the items sold then goes directly back to the group.



Some of Our Recently Sold Items: